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Truly Independent and Objective

Congratulations! You are to be commended, and I applaud you, in making the prudent (and correct) decision to locate and qualify your own professional building inspector. The fact that you have found your way to my web site demonstrates your diligence in looking out for your own best interests, independent of any inspector referrals your real estate agent may be providing and "encouraging" you to use. Contrary to what you may believe or have been told by your Realtor, many real estate agents do NOT provide you with referrals to the most knowledgeable and highly qualified building inspectors! Instead, many elect to only refer you to a short list of their "approved" (read: "inspection-lite") companies who typically conduct much less detailed and less time-consuming inspections so that they are not branded as a "deal-killer" by the referring agent and jeopardize any future referrals. Sadly and mistakenly, real estate agents and inspectors engaging in this practice have lost focus of just who their client is- YOU! In my opinion, this practice is a clear and obvious conflict of interest and should be avoided at all costs!

Over 80% of my inspection requests come directly from diligent and discriminating buyers, sellers, and attorneys, like you, who have elected to find a superior-quality professional inspector with no "ties", even distant, to any of the real estate agents involved in the transaction. A very high percentage of my clients are professionals, (e.g., doctors, dentists, engineers, accountants, attorneys, professors, etc.) with advanced degrees who fully understand and appreciate the value of extensive knowledge, experience, certifications, licensing, etc. The vast majority of my clientele are repeat/returning customers, or have been directly referred by a highly satisfied family member, friend or co-worker for whom I have already performed a superior-quality professional inspection.

It should be noted that National 400 Real Estate Inspectors does NOT market to Realtors. We do NOT perform real estate office "presentations" nor provide gratuities, gifts, monies, sponsorships, discounts etc., in any attempt to encourage or maintain inspection referrals from real estate offices. Are we referred by ANY real estate agents? The answer is (a qualified and limited) "yes". We have had the pleasure to work with some Realtors who successfully carry out their fiduciary duty and truly want the best inspection for their clients, but this is quite rare. It is very important to note that any/all Realtors that are referring our professional inspection services are doing so based solely on our MERITS. That is to say, they are already familiar (and fully understand) the excellent value our superior-quality inspection reports provide. It has been our experience (21 years inspecting, over 5,000 inspections performed, and having met hundreds of real estate agents) that most agents do NOT desire the lengthy, highly-detailed, comprehensive, defects-disclosing, superior-quality and overall information-packed inspections we provide. We have been told (by some real estate agents ONLY) that our inspections are too detailed, take too long, are too "nit-picky", scare potential buyers, and in general "complicate the transaction" (read: require the agents to actually earn their commissions by working at negotiating the deal!). Interestingly, but not surprisingly, most of our clients elect to hire us for these very same reasons! In addition, we find it very amusing that the real estate agents and Realtors who claim “we are too detailed and find too many defects on inspections “ (referring to inspections for their clients) are generally the very same individuals who call us to inspect the properties THEY or THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS are purchasing! Why is it that Realtors desire a superior quality, highly comprehensive property inspection only for their OWN purchases?

In summary, our mission statement and guarantee is to provide you, our client, with the very best property inspection physically possible within the scope, limitations and industry standards of practice of a "building inspection" as defined by the State of California Business and Professions Code. To be clear, we are in the business of building defects detection and reporting, which serves to EDUCATE and ultimately EMPOWER our many clients to make a prudent and diligent decision to purchase, or not to purchase, a property. Unlike some of our peers, we will not be used as a pawn or tool by some Realtors to (simply) help them facilitate the sale of the property and earn a sales commission.


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