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Contractor / Homeowner Disputes & Litigation Support


If you are a contractor or a homeowner embroiled in a dispute over a residential construction project, we can assist you, acting as an independent third-party consultant and mediator, to achieve an amicable and fair resolution to your differences, BEFORE ending up in (significantly more) costly litigation. On the other hand, if your disagreements are long past any non-litigation "working it out", and you are most likely headed to appear in a wood-paneled room containing twelve citizens carrying out their civic duty, facing an individual of power in a long robe (read: a courtroom), we can help you and your attorney serving in the capacity of an expert witness and provide litigation support.

I believe that it would be a surprise to most individuals how prevalent disputes and disagreements have currently become on many construction projects between contractors and the homeowners that hire them. In the beginning, virtually all construction projects start off smoothly and without problems, with both sides displaying a polite, courteous, and cooperative demeanor toward each other. More and more commonly, it seems that with time; communication, trust, and (ultimately) respect gradually but steadily deteriorates between the parties to the point where eventually the disgruntled and frustrated contractor either walks off the (generally unfinished) job or is "asked" to do the same by the dissatisfied and fed up homeowner. Should you be confronted with this unfortunate scenario (as either a contractor or homeowner), we can assist you to resolution in a cost-effective manner BEFORE the need for litigation. What is/are the reason(s) leading to this markedly degraded relationship?

Our experience in construction dispute cases has educated us that without a doubt lack of (or very poor) communication between the respective parties is the leading contributing cause for the degradation of relationship between contractor and homeowner. This can take many forms, including:

1. Poorly written (or in some cases NO) contract between the parties. Contracts should include references to specific brands, models, types, and quality of materials, etc. In addition, they should stipulate prescribed progress payment schedules, timeframes for various construction phase completions, and (very important) a defined means/method of resolution should a dispute develop between parties. We have found that contractors are not adequately explaining contracts, and homeowners are not acting responsibly and thoroughly reading and asking questions about the same.

2. Lack of direct supervision (and resulting specific directions) from the contractor of record to the labor force. More and more, in an effort to secure as many separate projects as possible, contractors are only bidding the jobs, submitting the contract, and collecting payments, with little or no time spent on site either performing or supervising work. They are spreading themselves too thin, in the (mistaken) belief they can handle more projects than is reasonably and physically possible. The bulk of the actual work is often left to poorly trained, illiterate and otherwise unqualified workers who in many cases cannot adequately read, write or understand their own native language properly, much less the English language! Your attempts to communicate any questions and comments or to provide needed directives as to the work being performed may prove to be futile.

We have successfully assisted many clients in the areas of blueprints interpretations (i.e., are they actually building it the way the architect has drawn it, the building department has approved, and what you paid for?), code compliance, workmanship and standard of care issues. Our office maintains a complete reference library of current as well as historic/legacy building codes, accepted trade practice/industry standard documents and handbooks, and construction performance guidelines manuals.

If you are an attorney representing a contractor (usually the "Defendant") or a homeowner (usually the "Plaintiff"), our consultation, litigation support, and expert witness professional services can assist you in preparing for, carrying out, and completing your case to settlement. We provide documents review, site visit, deposition testimony, and jury trial testimony to assist you to representing your client in the most professional manner possible.

Please contact our office and request our current Curriculum Vitae, Case List, and Fee schedule and Contract so that you may retain our services with confidence.


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